Conference Notifications & Refunds

February 9, 2021

Atlantic Ladies Ministries announces the postponement of Cherish Conference and Ladies Conference 2021 due to the ongoing and unpredictable COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings.

The decision was reached after months of planning and in consultation with district leadership. A crucial issue is the suspension of the yellow alert level in the New Brunswick COVID-19 recovery plan which we were depending on to host a permissible conference. The guidelines in the yellow alert level are currently being revised to address the threat posed by new COVID-19 variants. We have no timeline for the return of this level to the recovery plan nor do we know what revisions will be included.

In addition, we were greatly concerned about the following:

  • Changes in zone guidelines could unexpectedly restrict attendees, conference staff, local speakers and even the location of the event.
  • Provincial border closures would exclude our friends in PEI and NL (which are part of the Atlantic District).
  • International border restrictions will prevent our US speakers from traveling to our spring events.
  • Protecting the health of attendees gathering from multiple communities and multiple zones is a high priority.

Admittedly, postponement may not remedy all these concerns. However, the option allows us to pursue the hope of fall events rather than the certainty of disrupted spring events.

If Public Health guidelines continue to be unpredictable or some other factor arises over the summer, we can say with confidence that we exhausted all possibilities for our preferred in-person conferences. In this scenario, the conferences would be cancelled, and we would offer video sessions with the encouragement that ladies/girls would view them together in a local church setting.

We have confidence that God’s plan is unfolding! We are excited to welcome you to a new experience at:

September 24-25, 2021
Capital Community Church
Fredericton, NB

November 5-6, 2021
Mission Point
Saint John, NB

REGISTRATION: We are refunding all registration transfers from the 2020 event cancelations. This will simplify the new fall registration process. Your registration will be refunded using the same payment method you used at the time of registration. This is an automatic refund. No action on your part is necessary. Please allow 30 days for all registrations to be refunded. Registration inquires can be directed to the Ladies Ministries Secretary, Laura Noel (

As we look forward to gathering in the fall, please follow us at to stay connected and view our weekly video devotional series, “This is My Story!”

Thank you for leaning into this challenge with incredible grace, enthusiasm, and determination. We have done what we must do, but we really can’t wait to see what God has purposed to do!

We’re praying the Lord of the Harvest will pour out His Spirit in your community and send His immeasurable blessings upon you, your family and church.