Everyone can do something!  Maybe you enjoy baking or singing or making crafts.  We need you to put your talents to good use to raise funds for Mothers Memorial projects affecting men, women, children, youth and entire nations!

Category 1—Services

  • Recycling Program (cans, bottles, ink cartridges, cell phones) thinkrecycle.com
  • Parents Date Night. Offer to watch the kids for a set fee or donation.
  • Auction of Services—from window washing to a decorated cake, ask everyone you know to donate their skills and services for the auction


Category 2—“A-thons”

  • Mothers Memorial Mall March—10 sponsors/$10/10 laps or 10 km
  • Work-a-thon—get paid by the hour to perform spring cleaning chores.


Category 3—Sales

  • Atlantic Ladies Cookbook (sell on consignment)
  • Cupcake or chocolate rose & helium balloon bouquet sales for Valentines Day
  • Personalized giant cookies for any occasion
  • Take orders for Delightful Desserts or host a Bake-off Challenge with winners in each category and sales to the highest bidder.
  • Mega Yard Sale / Book, Bake & Craft Sale /Trunk Sale (sell whatever you can fit in your trunk from the church parking lot)
  • Chance Auction-accept written bids for a chance to win items in a random draw or host a Mystery Auction (items are wrapped then sold sight unseen)
  • Toonie Cake Auction. Accept $2 -$5 bids for a fully decorated cake. Draw the winners name.


Category 4—Events

  • Fashion Boutique Fundraiser—sell your one-time event dresses at discount prices (i.e. graduation, wedding)
  • Community Barbeque/Set-up a kiosk at your local farmers market or festival.
  • Dinners. Have a church or community wide spaghetti supper, Mexican Fiesta, ice cream social, subs/salads, pancake breakfast, etc.
  • Christian Dinner Theater—sell tickets for a meal and entertainment.
  • Hit the High Notes—pay to have someone sing or pay to have them stop! Add this fundraiser to any event.
  • Board Games & Chili Cook-Off—everyone pays to play. Attendees pay $1 per vote for best chili.
  • Ladies Day Tea—Selected hostesses sell $5 seats at their table and provide all of the decorations and place settings. Food is light and inexpensive sandwiches/desserts. Ladies pay $1 per vote for the best table décor.


Category 5—Pledges

  • $200 sponsors one Global Student
  • Honoring Mom. On Mother’s Day participants give the amount of their mother’s birth day and month to Mothers Memorial. All honored Mom’s have their name displayed in the “Mothers Memorial Hall of Fame” display in your church foyer for a year.