Download two free videos from the Maximum Impact 2014 young adult conference. Define, develop and deploy your mission for Jesus Christ as you watch these life-changing messages from God’s Word delivered by Jaime Morgans and Adam Shaw.


On November 14th and 15th, Atlantic Ladies Ministries and the Atlantic Youth Department united to organize a conference focused on connecting 16-30 year-olds to service with purpose for a mission. We were thrilled by the response of our young adults who accepted the challenge to define and develop their mission in the Kingdom of God during the Maximum Impact weekend.

On Friday evening, a powerful presence of God was immediately felt as approximately 150 Millennial Apostolic’s began worshipping God. There was an intense hunger and desire for more of Jesus. Sister Jaime Morgans from Moberly, Missouri spoke in the general session about Unlocked Doors. When we leave the door to our anointing unlocked, the enemy moves in and tries to steal, kill and destroy. Satan begins to slowly sever the connection between us and God while he moves in to take the most important treasures God has given us. Submission is key in keeping our spirit secure. James 4:7 says,“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” There was a deep move of God’s Spirit as we spent extended time on our knees crying out to God. Sister Morgans prophesied that a crater-sized impact would mark our lives as a result of this meeting. I believe it happened as we surrendered to a deeper level of commitment.

On Saturday, there were split sessions for young ladies with Sister Morgans while the young men were taught by Brother Adam Shaw of Hamilton, Ontario.

I absolutely loved the conference! I really liked having the guys and girls separate for some sessions, but I think my favorite part was the roundtable discussion. It was awesome to have a conversation and get feedback from our questions. ~Robyn Cole

Sister Morgans spoke to the ladies about trusting God when life doesn’t happen as we expect. Trust empowers us when we acknowledge that God is at the center of our lives.

In the final split session, Sister Morgans delivered a powerful message on forgiveness. Forgiveness involves revelation, confession and submission in order for God to be able to perform surgery to remove the offense. We cannot move forward in our ministry with full effectiveness until we confront issues of unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is an unlocked door to our anointing and nothing is worth leaving that door open to the enemy!
On Saturday, we also had roundtable discussions where attendees had a chance to learn and ask questions about various ministries. It was wonderful to witness the connections being made between ministry mentors and young adults. This generation of gifted young men and women are sincere and passionate about their involvement in the work of God!

Missionary Matthew Buckland from the Czech Republic taught with clarity on finding and fulfilling the will of God in a combined session on Saturday afternoon.

The conference culminated in a commissioning service in which Brother Shaw titled his message, Fight Little Battles. He spoke to us about the importance of fighting little battles and how it prepares us to respond quickly when big battles threaten our spiritual life and ministry. If we want to have faith to move mountains, we need to start with faith to move pebbles just as David did before he faced Goliath! We must learn, grow, read, study and submit every day. Fight the little battles and you will win the war against the enemy! After the message, there was a time of consecration where everything we had heard and all that we had received from the Lord was sealed by His Spirit.

On behalf of the attendees at Maximum Impact, I can say with confidence that this conference was a life changing event! We appreciate everyone who made MI14 possible including our guest speakers, roundtable facilitators, and our host, Capital Community Church. Special thanks to Ladies Ministries and the Youth department for organizing and subsidizing this event through Mothers Memorial and Sheaves for Christ allocations. Our lives were forever impacted for the sake of His Kingdom!

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