Here’s an easy fundraiser and Mother’s Day gift all in one!

Purchase M&M candy tubes and attach the label below. You can also add a special tag (see download below) describing the different colored candies and how they relate to mothers and Mother’s Memorial. Give every mom a candy tube on Mother’s Day explaining that after she enjoys the candy, the tube becomes the perfect container to store quarters in for their Mother’s Memorial offering. Small M&M tubes will hold approximately $13-$14 in quarters. Large M&M tubes will store approximately $20 in quarters. If you are unable to find M&M tubes, check a craft store (i.e. Michaels) for candy tubes that you can fill with M&M’s; add the label and tag below.

Download a label (suggestion: resize and copy this label several times on one sheet of peel ‘n stick paper available at your office supply store. Cut the labels out and attach.)

Download a tag (add a hole punch, secure with a piece of pretty ribbon to the candy tube)

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