Atlantic Ladies Ministries appreciates the incredibly generous support of individual donors of $200 or more. We would like to thank our donors publicly via a listing at the Atlantic Ladies Conference and a small recognition gift. However, we highly respect and value the privacy of our donors. We will only add these names to our published list of donors if you provide us with permission. By completing this form, you agree that Atlantic Ladies Ministries may publicly acknowledge the donation of the following individuals using their name only (not the donation amount):
We sincerely thank everyone who has sacrificed this year to give to Mothers Memorial/Foreign Student support. Awards for top giving churches will be presented at the Atlantic District Family Camp. Every dollar raised is so valuable to the Kingdom of God! To qualify for the awards, this form must be submitted by May 31st. All funds received by June 30th, will be included in the total offering. EMAIL: PHONE: 506.612.1328.